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PhD (Public International Law), 2012-2016 (awarded without corrections) (Thesis title: International Organisations and their Members; A Normative Argument on International Responsibility, defended on 4/12/2015) King’s College London; Fellow, 2015 Transnational Law Summer Institute, King’s College London; LLM, Public International Law Pathway, (Distinction) 2011-2012 King’s College London; LLM Public International Law, 2009-2011 (Grade “Excellent” 8.56/10, Rank: 1st) NKUA, Athens, Greece; Attendee, Public International Law Course, 2009 The Hague Academy of International Law; LLB, 2003-2009, NKUA Athens, Greece. 

Post-Doctoral Researcher, NKUA; Fellow, (Centre of International Governance and Dispute Resolution) 2023-2025 King’s College London; Head of The Treaty Division, 2016-2022 European Public Law Organization, Athens, Greece; Professor (2023-present), Resident Lecturer (2016-2023); European Law And Governance School, Athens, Greece; Post-Doctoral Researcher (Principal Investigator), 2019-2021, NKUA, Athens PIL Center; Adjunct Professor, LLM, 2016- present; Adjunct Lecturer, LLB, 2018-2022 NKUA, Athens, Greece; Visiting Lecturer, LLB 2014-2015 King’s College London; Research Assistant, 2014-2015 Amal Clooney, London, UK; 2012-2014 Prof. Guglielmo Verdirame, London, UK; 2012-2014 Freedom Rights Project, London, UK; Intern, 2011 European Court Of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France; Trainee Lawyer, 2009-2011 & Associate, 2011 Law Office of Associate Professor S. Tsakyrakis and Associates, Athens, Greece; Intern, 2008 National Commission for Human Rights, Athens, Greece


1. Research article: ‘The International Law Commission and politics: taking the science out of international law’s progressive development’ 33 vol.3 (2022) European Journal of International Law 761-788; 2. Research article: ‘International Public-Private Partnerships: Responsible Global Governance or International Law at a Cross-Roads?’, 33 vol.2 (2021) European Review of Public Law 405-436; 3. Book Chapter: ’International Organisations as Autonomous Actors in the Formation of Customary International Law’ in Perspectives on International Organisations and Formation of Customary International Law, S. Droubi & J. d’ Aspremont (eds), Melland Schill Guidebooks on International Law, Manchester University Press, 2020, 21-41; 4. Monograph: Allocating International Responsibility between International Organizations and Member States, Hart Publishing, 2019; 5. Research paper editor: ‘Materials on the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties’ 1/2019 AthensPIL Research Paper Series, 175 pages; 6. Book Chapter: ’Establishing International Responsibility in Rendition Cases before the European Court of Human Rights’, in Permutations of Responsibility in International Law, F. Pazartzis and P. Merkouris (eds), (Brill, 2019), 217-234; 7. Research paper editor: ‘Materials on State Responsibility 2010-2015’ 1/2016 AthensPIL Research Paper Series, 165 pages; 8. Research article: ‘Rethinking Indirect Responsibility: A study on Article 17 of the Draft Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations’ (2014) 11(1) International Organizations Law Review, 5-52; 9. Blogpost: ‘The social dimension of ethics: A comparative analysis’ (2012) King’s College Student Law Review Legal Theory Blogspot; 10. Comment on case-law:Zig-Zag at the Civil Court of 1st Instance: Comment on two judgments” (2009) 6 Greek Journal of Media Law, 25-35